Eleftheres has only 2000 inhabitants, but it's still one of the most lively villages in this area.

Along the main street that cuts through the village from north to south, you´ll find grocery stores, coffee shops, a bar, butcher, bakers, pharmacy, church and school.

There´s even an outdoor theatre, and from time to time in the summer months here will be a performance - normally folk dance or traditional Greek music.

The main street and the closest grocery store are only a few minutes walk from the hotel. Manos, the owner, is extremely helpful and you´ll find everything - except bread - in his shop.

To get bread you´ll have to walk a little bit further down the main street, and you´ll see the first shop that sells bread (and only bread!) in a peach-pink building on your left side, up a few stairs. This shop is only open for a few hours in the mornings.

Even on an ordinary weekday night you'll find villagers strolling the main street or enjoying a cup of Greek coffee in one of the many traditional Greek kafeneia. The popular bar, Olé, situated next to the church, is packed in the weekends.

On holidays, like Easter, the whole village is out and there´s a really festive atmosphere.

But despite our lively main street, there's still a strong sense of laid back laziness in Eleftheres. No one seems to be really busy and everyone seems to take their time.

You´ll find that you get loads of attention - in a nice way - in Eleftheres. Here are very few tourists (in fact, probably only those of you staying with us) and everyone wants to make sure you like Eleftheres so much that you´ll come back!

Eleftheres is one of the oldest villages in the area. Some 1000 years ago it had a population of 17 000 and 21 churches. But then came the Turkish occupation, and many of the inhabitants fled the suppressing regime. Population went down drastically and only raised again with the immigration of ethnic Greeks from Asia Minor to this area after the first world war.

The first houses built by these new inhabitants is what we today's refer to as the old town of Eleftheres.

The old church, situated in the old part of the village, it is still used for the occasional wedding or funeral. And on November 8th, when we celebrate the patron saints of the village - arch angels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, there is a huge feast on the old village square.

Most of the inhabitants of Eleftheres work as farmers. The major product is grapes, especially grapes that are used in the production of tsipouro, a drink that resembles ouzo and that is served with food.

Read about the annual tsipouro festival here..

There´s also a big production of grapes for wine, and while visiting us you might want to visit a winery and do some wine tasting.

Eleftheres is situated only three kilometers above the coast and with the majestic mountain of Pangeo rising behind. (The picture above is taken on the beach).

The location is perfect: You´re at the beach in only a few minutes, but can retire to the quietness and laid back charm of the village whenever the tourist rat pack gets too noisy for you.:)

Generally, it´s also a tiny bit cooler in Eleftheres than by the seaside in the very hot summer months - and you´ll appreciate that!:)

Here´s great for walking - whether you choose a mountain path or a track road that takes you past vineyards and through olive groves to the beach.