Greece Drama:

The only time anything dramatic goes on in Drama is during the International short film festival - other wise this little town of the foot of the Falakro mountains is quiet, peaceful and sweet.

The name probably comes from the Greek word hydro, meaning "wet", or having to do with water - there´s supposed to have been and ancient settlement here called Hydrama.

All this talk about water because this place is a great water resource - which is very present in the town´s most attractive attraction: the park.

Here are small ponds and water channels, swans, ducks and other birds, huge platan trees and loads and loads of flowers. The park is a green oasis, something very unusual for Greece. On a hot summer day, when you come in from the shopping streets,

the park seems like another world. Here are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink, an ice cream or a meal.

During Xmas, part of the park is turned into Santa´s village - and yes, you can even experience snow here (the Falakro mountain is a well know skiing resort in Greece).

In Drama you find the same architectural mixture as most towns in this area: Modern block apartments, turn of the century mansions and modest, small house that once were the homes of the majority of the population.

It´s nice to go for a stroll around the old shopping area, with it´s variety of exciting shops - whether you´re looking for herbs, coffee, icons, football suits, silk scarves or slippers.

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