My name is Tove Cecilie Fasting and I run Kairos Garden and our restaurant together with my Greek husband Christos and our boys Jason and Alexandros.

Our village is situated in a part of Greece that very few tourists ever have heard of and even fewer dream of visiting, so in a way you can say building a guest house here was a totally mad idea. (But I have to admit that we are a bit mad!)

I moved here from Norway and married Christos in 1993 and since then we've had a constant stream of guests to our place all year round: Friends and family from abroad in the summer and Greek friends and relatives in the winter.

And we love it!

We love to cook and entertain so when Christos got an early retirement (at the age of 50!) we decided to start a new adventure together: Kairos Garden.

Christos, who originally comes from this area of Greece, and I met for the first time in the island of Mykonos in 1984. He was working for the island's electricity company and I had a summer job in a bar. Our summer affair lasted for six weeks.

Seven years later we both happened to come back to Mykonos - the very same week - for holidays and realized that it obviously was our faith to be together.

Mykonos is almost a synonym for Greece - at least the picture most foreigners have of Greece before coming here:

Cute white-washed houses, churches with round, blue roofs, set on a cliff towards the turquoise Mediterranean sea, narrow stone-clad streets, white stairs with pots of geraniums...

It was a shock to discover a Greece that is so different:

Northern Greece is vast, with huge mountains, wide, lush fields, deep valleys, sandy beaches stretching forever...It's wild and green and there's nothing cute about it!:)

This is no place for fun and laughter, this is the Balkans!

So said the monk Theophilos some 500 years ago and while it's not quite true (we do have fun!), one thing is for sure: This is the place to go for the adventurous traveler.

Here's so much to see and to do. There's always a new road to take, always a new mountain village or sandy little bay to discover. After so many years I still have a long list of new places I'd love to visit!

Living here for so many years has also given me lots to write about. I have written three books about Greece and if you're lucky enough:) to read Norwegian you can order them here.

Those of you who don't know the language of the Vikings can read free sample chapter in English - click on the cover to the left.

While my books tell about life in Greece, nothing beats the real thing so make sure you check out Eleftheres!

If you want to contact me about my books or holidays here feel free to send mail. I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Tove Cecilie Fasting

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